U.S. and Israel Relationships

Israel is among the most prominent nations in the world, ask Antony Gordon. This country has been in existence since 1948. This homeland of the Jewish people is also a continuation of the ancient nation of Israel which was destroyed over 2000 years ago by the Romans.

Ancient Rome wiped out Jewish people around in 70 A.D. It was then renamed Palestine. Since that time, the Palestinian Arabs settled into this region. When the Jews regained this territory from the British in 1948 that’s when the modern problems in the Middle East came to a head.

The United States is still a young nation. As of 2017, America is only 241 years old. The U.S. might be one of the youngest nation’s in the world but it is also the strongest. This nation has economic vitality, a powerful military, a robust people and a can do American spirit. The U.S. is the world’s only remaining super power. America’s unique position makes it the most important ally for the Jewish people, like Antony Chanan Gordon

After World War II there were hundreds of thousands of Jewish people who relocated to America. The fallout from the Holocaust caused many Jewish people to leave Europe. Many of them gained positions of power and influence within the states. Once they did, they helped to influence the importance of their homeland in the eyes of many American people. It was from here that Israeli – American relations were formed. The Israeli people had become America’s most important ally in the Middle East.

To date, the U.S. has given nearly $3 billion dollars in grants and aid to the Israeli’s since World War II. The Israeli people are America’s number one country for final assistance. However, the U.S. has long since cut back their contributions in the form of money and now provide lots of assistance in the form of military support.

America and the Jewish people also have important immigration policies. However, the U.S. sends many Jewish people over to the nation for years. Even though this is the case, in 2014 the Israeli nation regularly stops the entry of American citizens into the country. They do this to maintain population control and to monitor people coming into the nation. The U.S. and Jewish people also have agreements in place to stop nuclear trafficking in both countries. In 2017, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allowed the U.S. to open their first permanent military base within their country.

The United States and Israeli security forces regularly meet for terrorist determent actions. Their joint cooperation on his task is very important in the fight against terrorism. The Jewish people have been involved in this struggle for a very long time and have extensive knowledge and a great understanding of terrorism and the people who support this type of warfare. The Prime Minister also stated that it will consider Trump’s point of view on Israel, the Palestine situation and their role in the Middle East.

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