The Military Association of the United States and Israel

The United States and Israel governments have had a military relationship for a long time. The military relation reflects shared security interests in the Middle East. Israel is the core user of the United States military equipment per Antony Gordon. It is responsible for the innovation of the joint military technology. It also participates in joint military exercises between the US and other military forces. The relationship between the two states has become more profound and stronger over time. This has been facilitated by the increased need for security in the Middle East region. The military relationship between the two states focuses on two significant policies. These include the prevention of the arms competition in the Near East region and preventing the spread of the Soviet influence.

Two States…

The two states also cooperate in various military activities. Examples include the innovation of the Arrow Missile System and the Tactical High Energy Laser or Nautilus technology. They share all military-related information including relevant procurements through a joint military agency. The two states also manage a joint-anti terrorist working group. They are also famous for establishing the largest joint air missile defense exercise known as Austere Challenge 12. This defense exercise involved the participation of approximately three thousand and five hundred troops from the Middle East region and one thousand Internal Defense Forces (IDF) personnel. The cooperation between the two states on information technology is famous for facilitating Silicon Valleys’ success.

This is primarily through the development of microprocessors that resulted in an increase in the firm’s income revenue. The military relationship between the two states goes beyond security issues. The association has also facilitated the development of innovative solutions to significant global challenges such as population growth, climate change, and economic development. It has also enhanced the level of technology that is incorporated in agriculture including water management and conservation.

Military Technology

The military technology environment between the two states has experienced significant changes recently, as Antony Chanan Gordon stated. Israel now prefers to modify and optimize the types of equipment secured from the United States to increase their efficiency. Examples include the F-151 and F-161 aircrafts. The primary aim of this optimization is to adopt a technology that will enhance the country’s defense. The two planes have now increased their range and have improved avionics. This has increased the IDF’s ability to fight at a significant distance from its bases. The F-151 plane is also the most important long-range strike for the IAF. Unfavorable export controls have facilitated this major change in the military relationship.

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