International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on March 8th including in Israel. The International Women’s Day celebrates the struggles for equal rights for Jewish women and the struggle of women to achieve justice, peace, and progress. It is a day in Israel which is dedicated to examining the integration of women in business, politics and social status in the society. Since the commencement of the fight for females equal rights, there has been significant progress in making the rights of women equal to that of men.
The day offers an excellent opportunity of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of one of the imperceptible and marginalized of women is Israel. They have been faced with a broad range of challenges. A huge portion of the women has been victims of extreme trauma, torture, rape, and trafficking. Most of the single mothers are subjected to abject poverty, excluded and isolated in the society.
The Jewish women attempts at survival mainly occur in a suffuse atmosphere of xenophobia and widespread racism. The government has permitted few of the women some refugee status, and few of them have social rights per Chanan Gordon.
Asylum-seeking women in the Jewish communities must be congratulated, acclaimed and mimicked for their overwhelming resilience as Antony Chanan Gordon stated. There are some women in the community who even though of all what they have faced, fight to compliment themselves and enrich the community. The asylum seeking women display lessons to the coach about resilience. They contribute to a robust and enduring future for the future of the nation. Everyone should, therefore, be encouraging and supporting these women rather than increasing their burdens. The women play a vital role the health, well-being, and learning of their children. By actively enabling the asylum-seeking women and bolstering their resilience, we strengthen an entire generation of refugee children who are currently headed nowhere.
The international women’s day acts as a reminder of the prolonged call for action required to ensure equal rights of the women in the society. Women should feel that they are valued and respected in the community.

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