Jobs and Careers in Israel
Israel offers many jobs and career opportunities not only to Jewish people, but also to citizens of the wider global village, per Rabbi Antony Gordon. One can either choose to work in the private or public sector, while enjoying many career growth opportunities in the country. It should, however, be noted that for some jobs, you may need an understanding of Hebrew while for others you do not.

1. Finance and Accounts

According to Antony Gordon; You can either choose to work for the government or private firms in this industry. However, to work in accounts, it is easier for you to get a job if you have taken the Israeli CPA exam. International accounting firms majorly look for employees with certifications from abroad even though you can also get work from Jewish accounting firms. To pursue finance and accounting careers, you can study at universities such as Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University.

2. Health Practitioners

Jobs and careers in the health sector such as physicians, dentists, nurses, optometrists, pharmacists, and medical technicians, among others have been on the increase. These jobs need you to have strong Hebrew language skills. Those who train as specialists have higher chances of securing employment and even if you study abroad, you can get a license to practice within Israel. The mental health sector made up of psychologists and social workers, among others is also steadily increasing. If you are going into the mental health space, an understanding in Hebrew language skills is imperative.

3. Engineering and IT

Career and job opportunities in engineering are currently in high demand. A positive market is especially available to hardware and electronic engineers. On the other hand, the IT sector has been increasing not only for Jewish people, but all over the world. This sector commands some of the highest salary rates in the country. Even if you are not a techie but you have worked in the tech industry in other countries, your chances of securing employment in the field is higher than for those who have not.

4. Education, Music and Arts

Israel boasts of a dynamic social society. Consequently, It is important to have and understanding of the Hebrew language when going into these fields. It is also easier to transition into teaching English for most people. The socio-cultural dynamics in the country encourage careers in music and the arts. You can pursue education in these areas at different colleges and universities. If you opt to go into graphic design, you can pursue it at the college level since the only university offering this course is the Bezalel Art School.

In addition to jobs in these fields, you can also get job and career opportunities in fields such as science research and agriculture, among others. You can also choose to work for non-profit organizations in addition to corporate and government institutions. To find out available job vacancies, you can search on the internet.

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