At the time this information was gathered, we were in the beginning of the year. Some of the following information may have changed as of late, but to the best of our knowledge, this is still very true, according to Antony Chanan Gordon.

1) To date, The United States has given them the most military aid out of all other countries. A big reason for this is its neighbors have said they will wipe Israel off the map. The United States made a deal last year that we will give over $38 billion in aid over the next ten years. This has been the biggest deal of its kind in U.S. history. The amount we have agreed to is less than what they wanted initially, but it is still pretty expensive.

2) Since 1985, we have entered in a Free Trade Agreement with Israel. As of 2013, the precious stone imports are estimated to be about $9 billion. Drug imports are said to be about $5 billion and counting, according to Antony Chanan Gordon

Update: As of 2012, total imports are about $27 billion and imports are about $18 billion.

As you can see, it makes good sense, financially and economically, to keep good relations with them, in spite of any bad feelings that may arise.

3) They have more startup companies per capita than any other country in the world. According to Harvard Business Review, the Nasdaq has listed Israel as the third biggest listed companies in the world. As of last year, their high-tech companies have pulled in about $2.8 billion. This was in the first half of the year.

Why is this important?

We have a lot of money tied up in their Nasdaq listings and their high-tech companies. It is more “profitable” for The United States to keep up relations with them.

4) Three of their drug companies, which are valued at $1 billion a pop have value with us. Many of our corporate offices and companies have money tied up in that $1 billion. As they get richer, so do we.

5) Many of our tech offices have set up shop there. This includes Google, CISCO, IBM, and Apple. In fact, Johnson and Johnson have even set up shop there for some of their work, according to Antony Chanan Gordon.

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