The Country

Dating all the way back to the Iron Age, Israel is a country considered by numerous religions to be the Holy Land as presented by Chanan Antony Gordon. Located in the most populated continent by far, Israel makes up 8.5 million people of the overall 4 billion count that Asia has. The most sacred places in the country are all located in Jerusalem, which is also the capital city.


As with almost all other nations, the city’s architecture was heavily influenced by the nations who occupied it. One can expect to see creations all the way from Crusaders to Russians, as well as from various religions such as Christianity and Islam. Modern pieces include a tower by Richard Meier (inspired by Bauhaus German art), the International YMCA Center, Tel Aviv Museum, and more.

Visiting the Famous Attractions

• Dome of the Rock
According to Quran, this is the location from which Islamic prophet Muhammad was taken to see heaven. People of Jewish background, however, believe that this is where Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac, thus proving the multi-purpose of objects depending on the religion’s standpoint. It was built over 2,000 years ago and is currently visited by millions of people annually.

• Masada
Considered to be built by Herod, this is one of the most prominent parks in the country. This is better known as the location where 900 Jewish people committed a mass suicide to avoid capture of Romans. Byzantine Chapel is also located here, making it the most important part of the Dome. People are welcome to try and climb the plateau, although many are unable to do so because of high temperatures.

• Mivtachim Sanatorium
It was designed by Yacov Rechter who won the 1973 Israel Prize for it. Nowadays, this creation has found a new purpose, thus becoming a hotel. It took ten years to restore the work of Rechter. Some notable modernization that has been done includes a large auditorium and a spa. An interesting fact is that the person who was on leading the restoration endeavor was Recher’s son, Amnon.

Overall, Israel is one of the few countries in the world that possess dozens of historical landmarks. The type of its architecture is dependant on the time-frame in which it was built as well as the nation that had power over the country. Nonetheless, all the creations are state-of-the-art inventions even though some are thousands of years old!

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